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  • Dental Treatment

    Designing of Health Insurance & Non-Insurance Health Product (Group & Individual)

    Our Team of Expertise in medical & technical areas of Health care System helps you in Designing & Developing Self Funded Schemes (Non-Insurance) and Health Insurance Products for group & Individual with proper Analysis.

    Self Funded Scheme is a convenient method adopted by corporate to offer employee benefits with its own fund. This is unlike the fully insured plan wherein the corporate are under contract with the insurance company for governance of its benefits under policy regulated by a law.

    We apply breadth of our Expertise -specific knowledge for creating solutions that assures the delivery of the most innovative solutions, services and thinking in Health Insurance. Our customers come to us for our innovative solutions, our attention and our prompt service ensuring that our customer interest is protected at all times.

    1. Design Non-Insurance base i.e.- Self Funded Group Health Schemes
    2. Design Mediclaim Insurance group & Individual Product
    3. Assistance for Mediclaim Insurance group & Individuals
    4. Analysis MIS Report
    5. One Stop Solutions for Mediclaims

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