If I' m hospitalized who should my family get in touch with?

You can contact your TPA (Third party Administrator).

What is a UH&MS?

It’s Healthcare Administrator, that processes Non-insurance base Self Funded Schemes & other Healthcare Services.

How will they identify me?

When you make a call please mention your UHID number of your Unique Healthcare card Number which is on your card if you have one. On establishing your identity your queries will be answered.

After being admitted to hospital, how soon should Healthcare Administrator to be informed?

Timelines for intimating Healthcare Administrator within 24 hrs, mentioned in terms & conditions.

Will I be covered from day one of the cover?

Being Non-insurance base Self Funded Schemes your cover start from day one.

How do I avail cashless facility?

You can avail cashless facility only in hospitals those are empanelled with Unique Healthcare . You can get the list of empanelled hospitals on our website www.uniquehealthcare.org.in accordingly to obtain the information of the empanelled hospital in your city. You need to submit the UHMS ID card /Ration Card/Government-valid photo Identity proof of the patient at the TPA counter in the hospital to avail the Cashless facility.

What happens after that?

Hospital authority fills & e-preuath a request letter with the required documents to the Healthcare Administrator after verifying the authenticity of all the complete documents required, an Authorization letter is issued by sending e-approval from the Healthcare Administrator to the hospital authority sanctioning a calculated amount.

How long does it take to get an Authorization for cashless treatment in a hospital?

Minimum time required to give approval is 2 Hours.

Where can I get my doubts about my scheme cleared?

Healthcare Administrator can be contacted to clarity all your doubts regarding the Scheme terms & conditions.

What is the Healthcare Administrator Company's e-mail id?


In how many days will I receive my Unique Healthcare ID card?

If you have submitted Enrollment form which is verified by concern Department to Unique Healthcare office, then you will get the UH&MS ID card within 15 working days. In case of emergencies you can download the E card from our website i.e www.uniquehealthcare.org.in

What do I do if the claim has been rejected and I want it to be re-considered?

Once the claim has been rejected the customer has to send the request to the concern unit

What Happens when, in an emergency I go to non-empanelled hospital from treatment?

Being Non-Network Hospital you to go for Reimbursement

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