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Unique Healthcare & Medical Services Pvt. Ltd.

We are committed to provide quality and secure services in Healthcare Sector.

Our Expert's Advice

You're seeking expert advice or looking for peer support, you'll find helpful and knowledgeable friends.

  • BMI

    Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple index of weight-for-height that is commonly used to classify underweight, overweight.

  • Calories

    Based on your age, height, sex and activity level, the calorie calculator, will estimate the number of calories you need to eat on a daily basis to maintain, gain or lose your weight.

  • Healthy Calculator

    Maintaining a health body weight is important to staying healthy. As people gain weight, their risks for high blood pressure, diabetes.

Our Health Assessments

BMI Calculator | Calories Calculator | Healthy Weight Calculator | Pregnancy Calculator | Fertility Calculator

Healthy Tips

Stay Healthy and Fit

  • Image

    "Here's a great remedy to use: Take your thumbs and place them under your brows, and just above the middle of your eye socket. Push in and up, like you're giving a thumbs-up; hold for a few seconds. This pressure on the orbital nerve can make stress-related headaches disappear."

    Press to stop headaches.

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    "A lot of people don't know you should spread a wound open when you clean it to get as much germy junk out as possible. I'll run to the nearest sink instead of slapping on a bandage, which could trap bacteria inside."

    safely treat a cut

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    "Washing hands is key to keeping away cold germs, but I avoid using antibacterial soaps that contain triclosan, a chemical that may lead to antibiotic resistance. I use alcohol-based hand sanitizers and, when I'm near a sink, good old-fashioned soap and water — it kills 99.9 percent of germs."

    Say no to antibacterial soap.

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